Thursday, 6 November 2014

How to: Blog consistently while in education

Hello my lovelies!

A couple of days ago I had a request to write this blog post which I thought was a really great idea. Since the beginning of summer I have been daily blogging. It wasn't an intentional idea it just kind of happened, and now I don't want to break my streak! In this post I will give you my top tips about consistent blogging while you are in full time education or work. Obviously these are all my ideas and may not work for everyone but they are worth sharing!

 1. Have regular features
- I find having regular features breaks down the week in a smooth way and it makes it easier to write content. My features are Motivational Monday, Wednesday's weekly blogger and Sunday Summary. This sorts out the beginning, middle and end of every week and I know I will always have content to fill in those days. Then the other spare days I will do original post ideas!

2. Schedule your posts on blogger
- On blogger there is a schedule button where you can set a specific date and time for your post to go live. The key thing is that once you have done this you need to press Publish otherwise it will not work. To check it has gone through have a look at your posts section on blogger and it should say 'scheduled' next to it. This means that I can have a consistent upload time and I can see how many posts I have planned in advance.

3. Have one day dedicated to reading other blogs for inspiration
- Sunday is my day where I don't do coursework or any form of work, I just blog. I go onto other people's blogs and read their recent posts to see if I get any inspiration from them. I jot down ideas in my blogging notebook and then write them all up on Sunday too. These posts will fill in my spare non-feature days. I also find it easier to use a regular background and place for

4. Have one day to take all your blogging photo's
- Finally once I have all my ideas I will take all of my photo's on the Sunday too. This means that I have the whole day to edit them and get them right without having to rush. Having one day to do everything to do with blogging really helps me to plan ahead. I also find it easier to use a regular background and place for taking photo's so I get used to the lighting and the layout.

5. Monthly favourites
- Near the end of each month you have ample opportunity for loads of posts: monthly favourites, favourite bloggers, your month in instagram. If you do not want to daily blog like I do then you can space these out throughout the week and then that week will be sorted for you!

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