Saturday, 22 November 2014

Everyone has that programme...

Hello my lovelies!

Everyone has that programme that they have watched for what seems like forever. You feel like you know all the characters and you know more story lines then you can shake a fist at. These programmes are the ones you go to when you feel sad, you need to chill out or you just want to get lost in another world. For me, this is EastEnders. I know loads of people say it is super depressing, and I do agree but it is kind of my comfort zone. I have watched EastEnders since I was little and I have very fond memories surrounding it. I especially love the Christmas story lines and remember many years making sure we were at home on time to watch the explosive hour long episode! I associate EastEnders with these kind of times and they make me smile - it is something I have bonded with my Mum over too!

EastEnders recently hired a new director and they have come up with some of the best story lines in years. They have touched on many sensitive subjects, with mixed reviews, but it is brave for them to tackle these subjects. It was hard watching the death of Lucy Beale because she has been in it for so long, and to see Ian Beale so distraught was tough too. Some people may think this is silly but I genuinely do feel like I know them! I absolutely love the new addition of the Carter family and I really feel like it has brought the programme back to life. Plus, Danny Dyer is amazing. I cannot wait to see what story lines they are thinking of in 2015! Also while we are at it - if any one has any theories over Lucy Beale's killer then please share them in the comments. I am so interested in everyone's perspective!

I feel like I have just revealed a massive secret haha. I am an EastEndersaholic! What is your go to programme? One that you can't live without?

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