Thursday, 23 October 2014

Zoella: Body mist

Hello my lovelies!

As you will all know beauty YouTuber Zoella recently released her own range of products which are being sold in Superdrug and on Feelunique's website. While I am really happy for Zoe's success I wasn't ready to just buy her products because they had her name on it. I waited until all of the fuss had died down, popped into Superdrug and had a look at the products for myself. I wanted to smell the body mist before I bought it. I find it strange that people bought it online before even knowing what it smelt like...but I guess that is what a 'celebrity' status does.

 Anyway, on to the actual product! The only thing that I bought was the body mist. I decided not to go for any of the bath things because I would rather spend my money in LUSH - which I did. This body mist does actually smell really nice, it has a sweet smell with a floral undertone and is perfect for wearing during the day. Because this isn't a perfume, it is a mist, it doesn't last all day but it did last around 2 and a half-3 hours on me. I personally think that the floral smell gets stronger as you wear it and the sweet smell gets weaker but I like both of the smells so this is fine by me! I was surprised by how sturdy the bottle is - it feels like really good quality and for just £8 I was not expecting that.

I really like the packaging because I have always had a similar style to Zoe's. Give me anything with polka dots and collars and I am yours! You can tell that Zoe had a lot of input in this design and that she wanted to keep true to how people know her. The design is also the same on her blog which I think is a nice added touch too. All in all I was really happy with this product and I will repurchase it, after all £8 will not break the bank. For those of you that like the look of it, I would recommend going to the shops and smelling/looking at everything yourself. Everyone likes different things so only you can decide what you like!

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