Thursday, 2 October 2014

September - my favourite bloggers

Hello my lovelies!

As we start October I will keep up with my tradition and tell you my favourite blogs from the past month. This month has been a delight and I have been loving many blogs. I really enjoy seeing all the Autumn inspired make-up looks, tags and traditions floating around. The Autumn and Winter make me super happy! Anyway, as always I will share with you my favourite beauty, fashion, lifestyle and health blogs. I hope you enjoy and check the bloggers out too!

Beauty - Elegant Ageless Beauty
This beauty blog is for the older audience but I still love it all the same! I love the honesty of the reviews on this blog because I know some people are scared to share what they really think. The lady that runs this is also very present on twitter, she is lovely to talk to and spreads a lot of joy!

Fashion - Katie Loves

This girls fashion sense is to die for. She always looks so sophisticated and classy and really knows how to dress an outfit. She also looks amazing in hats which I am super jealous of because none ever suit me! If you need fashion advice or just like fashion blogs this is definitely the one to check out.

Lifestyle - Fine and Dandy

Have you ever fallen in love with a blog so much that you want to tell everyone about it? Yes. Well this has happened here. Claire writes with such passion and articulation that it is an absolute pleasure to read. Her lifestyle posts are so honest and open and I feel like I am good friends with her even though we have never met. To me that signifies an excellent blog. Please check her out!

Health - Beauty in Beta

This woman is an inspiration to all health bloggers out there. Beth is the creator of the #healthyselves tag and the healthy selves chat. Before this there was no chat like there was for beauty bloggers or fashion bloggers, but now there is. Beth's blog shares her story to getting fit and releases summaries of healthy selves chats, as you can see from the image. If you need a boost or  helping hand with fitness then you should check out this blog!

Which blogs have you been loving this month? Please share as I would love to check them out too!

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