Friday, 31 October 2014

October favourites!

Hello my lovelies!

Here we are again, the end of October. May I also just say - HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I hope you all have a really fun day and evening and get lots of goodies (even though most of us are too old now haha). So here are my October favourites...enjoy!

 Body shop bronzer

I love to wear bronzer in autumn instead of blusher because it just suits the overall brown look better. This one is amazing because it is light and suits pale people - which is a massive feat I will tell you! This looks so natural on the skin and you can build it up really nicely too.

 Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner

I am in love with this. Real love. I have never owned an eyeliner that is so easy and great to use before. It glides on and lasts all day and you really can perfect the winged eyeliner look with this too! If you are a newbie or a dab hand at eyeliner this is great for everyone.

 Sweet Talker CD

Anyone that knows me will know that Jessie J is my ultimate favourite singer. She released her new album this month called Sweet Talker and I love it. It is very different from her past albums but she has a good mix of pop, heartfelt and sad songs. This has been playing in my car nearly every day of October so this had to feature!

 Galaxy hot chocolate

Now that it is getting colder I have been drinking a lot more hot chocolates. I don't drink tea or coffee so this is a time I can have this hot drink and not be judged! The Galaxy one just uses hot water which is a lot more convenient than milk but it still manages to taste creamy. I love this.


Yes, this is a slipper in my October favourites! I bought these from Primark for £4 and my lord they are the comfiest things ever. I have been wearing these to lounge about the house in and keep my feet nice and toastie. I really love Autumn and I am happy that I can finally wear these!

What have been your October favourites?

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