Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Hello my lovelies!

Until recently I haven't been a big lover of baths. I never had the interest to lie in hot water and do nothing. This was all until my Mum and sister went to LUSH a couple of weeks ago and bought me the Honeybee bath bomb. I used this and watched some YouTube videos in the bath and felt really relaxed after. So on Sunday I went shopping with my friend Shan and we went into Lush to see all the new items they had released. I haven't tried these yet so I will just be describing the smells and telling you what colours they leave the bath (as stated on the LUSH website). This is what I bought!

Father Christmas
 This is a bath bomb that smells like a muted snow fairy. It isn't as sweet as snow fairy but it has the same undertones. This leaves your bath red and green - the true festive colours! I bought this mainly for the novelty, but I mean who could resist that jolly face?!

Snow Angel
 This is a bath melt in the shape an angel. This creates a foam in the bath with golden glitter amongst the foam. This is moisturising for the skin because it contains cocoa butter. This smells like the original Dove soap - it isn't a sweet or floral smell, it is more fresh.

Candy Mountain
 This is a cult classic from LUSH and it is their candy mountain. This is a bubble bar that you crumble under the water to create loads of bubbles. This also has a very sweet smell and reminds me of sweet shops when I was younger. I am super excited to use this!

 I was actually on the look out for Northern Lights, the purple version of this, but they had sold out so I bought this one instead. This may look plain but when you swirl it in the bath this bath bomb changes your water into a multitude of colours. This is their bonfire bath bomb and it smells like rose. It might not be for everyone but I love the smell of rose and I am keen to see all the colours that it creates!

The Comforter
This bubble bar smells like Ribena and this is actually my favourite smell out of all my purchases. The beauty of this one is that you can cut it up and use little bits at a time so it will last a while! This also creates bubbles and this bubble bar is to sooth you. I hope the smell of this is just as strong as the bath as I could smell this all day!

What is your favourite LUSH item?

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