Saturday, 4 October 2014


Hello my lovelies!

I don't normally get involved with things that could be linked to 'politics' but I couldn't leave this one untouched. Recently Emma Watson, otherwise known as Hermoine from Harry Potter, gave a really powerful speech at the UN. Her speech was all about feminism and what has gone wrong with this topic recently. She rightly stated that feminism has become a 'man hating' movement when in reality feminism fights for equality among sexes. Emma's aim was to give some of the power back to men by saying that it is just as much their issue as it is for women. The thing that I loved he most about this speech is that it was so eloquently presented. You could tell that Emma had thought long and hard about what she was saying and how she wanted to get her message across. Of course not everyone was happy with it, but unfortunately you cannot please everyone. I would also say I am a feminist as I believe that men and women alike should be treated the same. It has been so lovely and heartwarming to see celebrities such as David Tennant, Harry Styles, Simon Pegg, Chris Colfer and Alfie Deyes getting behing the campaign. It just goes to show the power that men also have and that it is a shared issue. If you want to watch Emma Watson's speech then I have added it below in this post. If you agree with Emma's HeforShe campaign then please spread the word on Twitter using the #HeForShe hashtag!

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