Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Halloween costume ideas

Hello my lovelies!

I absolutely adore Halloween - there is nothing more fun then getting dressed up and having fun with friends or family. One of the hardest things though is trying to decide what to dress up as. I racked my brains because I wanted to go as something that I haven't been for a while, so I settled for a vampire. I don't like that Halloween has become all sexualised though, it should be about looking scary and gory and not caring what you look like! So I have comprised some Halloween costume ideas. These are just the basic costumes but I would add fake blood, face paint etc to make it look as gruesome as possible!


1 - A pirate ghost. A good way to mix up the usual ghost costume!
2 - Giant pumpkin. You always get the people that want to go big and silly, and I say go for it. This is perfect for that kind of person.
3 - Vampiress. This is actually my halloween costume this year. I like it because it is long and the neck is exposed. This means I can apply the white face paint everywhere!
4 - Snow Fright. Why not take a traditional Disney character and gore them up?!
5 - Harlequin clown. I thought this made a nice change from the usual clown outfit. This could be made to be a super scary outfit!
6 - Skeleton. I liked the regal feel to this because it made it look a bit more sinister. You could go all out with this and paint your face like a skeleton too. There are some great YouTube tutorials on how to do that too.
7 - Black corpse bride. This would be fun if you wanted to be really experimental with your black make-up. This is quite a pretty outfit but with a bit of fake blood this could also look very dark too.

What are you going as for Halloween?

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