Saturday, 18 October 2014

Gone Girl

Hello my lovelies!

I absolutely love reading but unfortunately I don't get enough time to. This summer I tried to make sure I read a few books and one of the ones that I read was Gone Girl. I do Psychology at university so I am a sucker for crime books. I had heard good reviews about this and the blurb intrigued me so I snapped it up for just over £3 on Amazon! I finished the book a couple of days before the movie was released, then I went to go and see it. So I thought I would review the book and the film.

*Warning this may contain spoilers*

The book was a bit slow to get going and was very 'cute'. It discussed the romance that Nick and Amy shared and how they fell in love. It was about a quarter of the way in before I was really hooked and did not want to put the book down. It was quite refreshing to have a crime book that did not follow the usual storyline. I found that the book did contain satire because of the way they mocked the usual 'it is the husband that's the killer' storyline. I will admit that at first I was a bit annoyed at the ending but now after a bit of thought I can see how clever it is. The ending may leave the reader feeling unresolved, but somehow it was realistic. They had a toxic relationship but they both loved it. I am still not 100% sure whether they were telling the truth about the baby but sometimes there is  beauty in answering some questions yourself.

Generally I was quite impressed with the film and I thought that it stuck really well to the book. The only thing that I feel was missing was an explanation as to why Amy was happy to let her parents think she was dead. In the book it explains really well why she resents them after the 'Amazing Amy' franchise, but this was only brushed on in the film. I thought the rape scene and killing was done really well - it highlighted her 'real' personality without making the viewers too uncomfortable. It was quite a long film lasting 2 and a half hours but I do think it is worth it.

If you like crime books but fancy a change of pace then you should definitely give this a read/watch. As always the book is better than the film but if you prefer movies then you won't be missing out too much if you just watch this instead. I am really impressed with Gillian Flynn's writing and I think that this book is really clever!

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