Tuesday, 9 September 2014

What's in my bag?...

Hello my lovelies!

I love when people do personal posts because it means I can be a bit nosey and snoop about. One personal post I love to read is a 'What's in my bag?' post so I thought I would chuck in my two cents and do one of my own! Warning *I am a bit of a hoarder and probably have way too many things in there but oh well*

The first item in my bag is the obligatory set of keys! On here I have my car key (Vauxhall corsa for those that car), house key, a keyring from Greece and Prague, my Holland and Barretts card, my The Works card, Micky Mouse keyring and a HMV card even though they don't exist anymore...

My purse is from Cath Kidston and I have had this for a while now. It is a really good size - enough room for all my cards, my notes and my coins. I might get a new purse soon though. Could do with a change!

In my bag I have my sunglasses and my actual glasses. The sunglasses will be removed soon of course. My actual glasses are from Specsavers and I love them. They are big frames with a slight cat eye flick at at the top. I wear these for driving and lectures!

I always carry my sat nav in my bag even if I know where I am going. I like to have it with me just in case I end up really lost somewhere and need to know how to get home (I hate being unprepared).
I always carry with me an academic journal and my blogging journal along with loads of pens. There is always someone that asks for a pen so I make sure I always have loads with me! These always come with me just in case I have an idea for a blog post or a deadline gets thrown at me out of the blue.

This perfume always stays in my handbag. I have it just in case I need a freshen up. This is from Body Shop and it is a really light floral smell. I love this all year round!

I always have my little hairbrush with me wherever I go because I have a fringe. I love having a full fringe but they can be a pain in the ass. Having my hairbrush means I can adjust it after I have had a fight with the wind!

Who's handbag wouldn't be complete without Soap and Glory's hand food? Just in case I do some real hard work (unlikely) this comes in handy to soften those palms again.

Whenever I go out I make sure I have some kind of food bar with me just in case I am gone longer than expected. No one likes to feel hungry so I have one of these to munch on when I get peckish!

Tissues. For when there is a spillage, runny nose or no toilet paper. These are a necessity in anyone's handbag!

What's in your bag? Leave any links below!

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