Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday's weekly blogger #6...

Hello my lovelies!

How is your week going so far? I hope it is going well! Treat yourself to a new blog this evening...because this week is the turn of Lucy from JustLittleLucy.

 1) What’s your blog name and URL?
My blog is called Just Little Lucy, with the URL

2) How did you come up with your blog name?
My blog name is inspired by my height, or rather lack of. I've always been short so the nickname 'Little Lucy' is a fairly common occurrence. I can't exactly remember why I specifically chose this as a URL but I'm happy I did, I think it fits my blog and personality well!

3) What is your blog about?
I tend to blog about anything that interests me, I think "little snippets of my life" is what sums it up best. I also enjoy blogging about all things beauty related and the occasional fashion post may pop up here and there when I eventually change out of my pjs.

4) What inspired you to start blogging?
I'd been reading other people's blogs for quite some time and fancied having a go myself but was way too scared, a few of my friends were also having this same dilemma so we all spurred each other on and faced this scary corner of the internet together.

5) Which blogger is your favourite to read?

6) What is your favourite post you have written on your blog?
Although I like the vast majority of the posts on my blog a personal highlight would be this one it was one of the first posts I wrote and I had such an overwhelming response from it, it made me SO happy that people were actually reading and enjoying my blog. I'm also really pleased with how professional the images look. A recent favorite is this one about all of my favorite books

7) What is your favourite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is the sense of community the whole things has, I love feeling like i have friends all over the world who enjoy the same things I do.

8) Please leave any other social network links
If you want to get involved in this series then please tweet me a message (@jesstasticsblog) or leave a blog post comment with your email address and I will put you into a slot. I am accepting any genre of blog! I look forward to hearing from you :)

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