Monday, 1 September 2014

September goals...

Hello my lovelies!

Welcome to the first day of September. Can we start the Christmas count down yet? I saw this post on Emily's blog and thought it was a great idea. I think it is always good to set some goals for the upcoming month because it gives you something to focus on an achieve. I have been thinking and have come up with a few goals that I thought I could share with all you lovely people.

 1) Be more spontaneous

I find it really difficult to be spontaneous and I have always been this way. I like knowing what I am doing, what time and where. I know life can't always be that straight forward though. When my final year at uni starts I will be commuting in because I have moved home for my last year. I am adamant that I will not use this as an excuse to not do things such as going out and seeing friends. Even if I am in my pj's and it is a last minute plan I will try and force myself to make the effort and go!

2) Concentrate on my project

During my whole academic life I have found coursework so much harder then exams. I hate the constant going back and forth with coursework - I just get bored! However, this year my 10,000 word project is my most important piece of work out of my whole uni life. I am going to make sure I put 110% into this and do whatever it takes to make this coursework great.

3) Continue to eat healthy foods

Now that it is getting colder I am finding myself wanting more comfort foods like chocolate and biscuits. So far I have been good and not given in to too much temptation (treats are fine now and again though)! I am going to make sure that I still try and have fruit in replace of unhealthier foods. I don't want to use Autumn and Winter as an excuse for putting weight on again!

4) Watch what I spend

This past month I have been so bad with shopping. I have not been thinking about money and just been buying whatever I want. So this month I have given myself a spending ban. I can only buy make-up if it is a refill and I need it, not because I want it. I can only buy clothes if I have gotten rid of something or an item is damaged. NOT BECAUSE I WANT IT. This is going to be tough but hopefully my bank balance will love me when I get my loan and loads of it doesn't have to go towards topping up my overdraft!

5) Have a better memory

My friends are amazing and seem to remember every event that I tell them about and always send me a cute text to wish me a good day. These always make me smile and feel all warm inside. It is such a nice thing to do and it shows you listened and care enough to remember! I want to get better at this and share the love with my friends just like they do to me. So my final goal is to remember my friends big plans and wish them a nice day.

What are your goals for September?

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