Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Paris day 2

Hello my lovelies!

On Saturday I shared with you day 1 of my Paris trip. Day 2 was much more chilled, we had a mooch around the shops. Had some delicious food and took in more of the views. Yet again we were knackered at the end of the day but we had to get up very early in the morning to catch our Eurostar back home. Here is what happened during day 2...

The weather was so hot this day and I was really not prepared with the clothes I brought. I thought it was going to be cold! The first place we visited was Sacre Coeur, another Roman Catholic church. This was spectacular to look at and was on the top of a hill. We climbed all of the steps to reach the top and we were greeted by a stunning view overlooking the whole of Paris. We had a look inside the church and it was very pretty. A service was going on so we heard all of the people singing their hymns as we looked around at the architecture. Afterwards we sat outside for a bit and just admired the building while trying to cool down in the shade!

Later on we walked along the river and stopped to get a few photo's here. The river was beautiful and calm. We then stumbled across the Notre Dame again but we entered from the other side. We sat back outside to admire the building once again when we started to feel rain. A few minutes later we heard a massive crash of thunder and the rain started to fall quickly! We ran into a crepe shop and bought a crepe while we waited for the rain to die down. The owner of the shop guessed that we were from Surrey and said that he lived near by for a year - such a small world!
For lunch we went to a place called L'as du fallafel. It didn't look like much from the outside but Jenny had read some great reviews about it. We were sat at a table and the place was packed. We ordered a fallafel wrap and some fallafel balls since this is what it was famous for. The food was to die for and it was so cheap too! We were stuffed by the end of it and we were both very satisfied with the delicious food.
During our mooch around the shops we went on the search for Laduree macarons - the most famous macarons in all of Paris. The shop had displays of a variety of macrons and there were so many to choose from. I went for chocolate, mint and salted caramel. They also had seasonal macarons which was a nice addition! They had a variety of boxes and decorative displays and I could see how people easily spent loads in here! When I tasted the macarons they were amazing, much better then any I have ever tasted! I said I would not leave Paris until I had tried a macaron and I did, so I was happy!
So, that is everything that happened on my trip to Paris! I had a really good time and I feel so lucky to be able to experience all of these wonderful things. I hope you have enjoyed reliving them with me!

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