Thursday, 25 September 2014

My top 10 childhood TV shows

Hello my lovelies!

I was browsing through some blogs the other day when I stumbled across Abi's post about her favourite TV shows from when she was little. We then started chatting on twitter and we came up with loads that we had forgotten about, so I thought this would be a good time to share my favourite! Picking my top 10 was so difficult because I loved so many shows when I was little. The programmes I selected are ones that I still remember so fondly now and even sometimes come up in conversation! I love the feeling of nostalgia that comes along with this post. So if anyone has any extras then feel free to comment with them or to write your own blog post! So here they are in no particular order...

The Queens Nose

 I used to adore the magic in this programme and lets face it, everyone wanted this 50p coin! The children rubbed the coin and they had 10 wishes that came with this power. I used to watch loads of these episodes on a weekend and the magic never failed to lose its effect on me.


To this day penguins are still my favourite animals and I loved this programme. I used to watch this with my Dad and we made the Pingu noises when we spoke to each other. For a programme that had no speaking it did have a great story line!

The Worst Witch

The Worst Witch was about a witch called Mildred Hubble. She attended a school called Cackles academy and was always getting into trouble, hence her name! I used to watch this when I got in from school and I always loved watching what antics she got up to.


Everyone must remember Arthur, right?! I still remember every word to the theme tune! This was just the best cartoon about an aardvark and what he got up to with his friends and his sister. This always made me happy when I watched it and I still watch the odd episode on YouTube now!


I watched Raven more when I was older and it was about this Scottish man that dressed as a Raven and got kids to participate in loads of challenges and word games. It was a competition to 'change lands' and the aim was to not be spotted by the demons. I remember when I was younger my sister and I used to recreate this in the garden. I would wear my dressing gown and pretend to be the demon and she would complete an obstacle course that we made from the play equipment in our garden!

My parents are aliens

This programme was weird and wonderful and I wanted it as my life. I always saw this as one of my 'grown up' programmes and I always felt so mature when watching it (haha I know). I loved the story lines and entertainment in this and I still love it now!

Powerpuff girls

In my little world Powerpuff girls was the equivalent to the boys Pokemon. Every girl used to say which Powerpuff girl they were (I was always Blossom) and then act out their attributes. This programme was a good bonding programme with other girls!

Mona the vampire

This was another programme I used to be super excited to watch when I got back from school. This was another simple cartoon but I always liked to see the drama that Mona would get in with her friends. I liked mythical creatures from the choices of my programmes it would seem!

Fresh prince of bel air

Need I explain this one? Any child that was born in the 90's was obsessed with this programme. I used to watch this with my family in the evening and it always reminds me of happy memories. I get so much nostalgia when someone starts singing the theme tune to this one!

Bodger and badger

My last choice is Bodger and Badger - now I am not sure if this was that popular with other kids but I loved it! I used to watch this with my Dad when he came home from work and we used to find it hysterical. It is just an old man with a badger puppet that likes mash potato and they went on trips together. It was weird but great too!

So those are all of my choices. Did you watch any of these or would you choose a different top 10? :)

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