Saturday, 27 September 2014

FRIENDS is life

Hello my lovelies!

I am Jess and I am a FRIENDSaholic. You wanted to know more about me? Prepare to see my inner obsession with the best TV show ever (in my opinion).

I am sure you all will have heard of a TV series called FRIENDS. It is about a series about 6 friends and the different experiences they face and it lasted for 10 series. I remember falling in love with FRIENDS after watching a repeat episode on tele. The experience was even better when I decided to spend £50 out of my 16th birthday money to buy the entire box set.
There is something even more magical about watching their friendships evolve in order and you definitely feel more emotionally involved when watching. While it is a funny programme there really are quite a few things that I learned from FRIENDS. I think everyone aspires to have a friendship group like they do in FRIENDS, and to have love like Monica and Chandler's or Ross and Rachel's. I think the best thing they taught me though is that not all friendship groups are perfect. They had their fair amount of fights and break ups and disagreements which tested their friendship but never broke them. I am totally aware that this is all fictional but I do think it gives a good message. Any friendship worth having is worth fighting for.
My Dad always asks me 'How can you watch the same TV programme all the time?' but I really do get inspired by them. I feel like I am friends with them. I have laughed, cried and watched the bloopers reel more times than I should have and I still never get bored of this programme. I remember one time at college my friend bet me £5 that I couldn't explain an entire episode after watching just the first minute on the tele. Safe to say, the money was mine! Hats off to the many writers of FRIENDS, you did such a great job! To make it last for 10 series must mean people loved it. I know this is a bit of a random post but I thought I needed to write about my love of FRIENDS and if there is anyone out there who hasn't watch them (I don't think they exist) then you need to watch them! I love this programme so much that my sister even bought me a t-shirt and shot glass when she visited New York. I have the posters too of course!

My top 10 favourite episodes are
S7 E23/24 Monica and Chandler's wedding
 S5 E11 Ross and his leather pants
S6 E8 Ross and his white teeth
 S6 E17 Rachel and Phoebe onagi
S10 E17/18 Rachel gets off the plane
S10 E13 Phoebe teaches Joey French
S2 E14 Rachel and Monica's prom
S10 E3 Ross and his fake tan
S7 E6 Ross and Joey take a nap
S5 E3 Phoebe has the triplets 

What are your favourite memories from FRIENDS? Are you just as obsessed?

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