Friday, 5 September 2014

Autumn/Winter Primark haul...

Hello my lovelies!

Now that the rain is pouring and the umbrellas are out I have stashed away my summer clothes. I now needed to look into getting some Autumn and Winter clothes which means just one thing...Primark! They have some lovely items in at the moment and I had to be sensible and only pick up a limited amount of mint green items (this was very hard). I am very happy with the items I got!

 This was my favourite purchase from the entire haul. It is a monochrome jacket/blazer. It is made of a thick material and has small black diamonds on a white print. This was a bit more on the pricier side for Primark being £17 but I loved it so much!

 This cardigan is more for Autumn then winter. I am all about the collars during these seasons so this cardigan was a must. It is a bright pink with a cute crochet white flower collar with little beads in the larger flowers. This cardigan was £12.

 I liked this top because of how simple it is with only a dash of detailing. I thought that this would look nice with some black jeans and some boots and a coloured blazer in winter! This top was £8.

 This shirt is a light duck egg blue colour and it is a colour I have never owned before. I was really happy with this colour and think it will be easy to style and wear. This shirt was £9.

 Yes, this is a mint green fluffy jumper. Yes, I am in love with it. This jumper was £10.

 I really love this shirt because I haven't seen a style like this before. It has the duck blue sleeves and top half with a white base and colour. I love the contrast on this! This shirt was £9.

 I loved this jumper for the same reason as the shirt above, it is so different! The front is entirely pink with a white colour, but when you turn it to the back it has a white back section. It is really flattering and adds an extra element to an otherwise plain jumper. This was £12.

Now you can all see how much I love collars! Have you got any clothes from Primark for Autumn/Winter? I would love to see!

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