Saturday, 2 August 2014

Room tour...

Hello my lovelies!

I thought I would share a room tour with you so you can get to know me a little bit better. I have only been in this room for a little while. I used to be in the bigger room but when I moved to uni my sister moved into that room (understandably) so now I have the smaller room! It is decorated to my sister's taste but I do actually really like it.  Anything with red in it and I am sold! I have not edited any of these photo's so what you see is literally what you get. Enjoy!

My bed and a 'Keep calm and relax' pillow
Desk area and broken chest of drawers :(
Full length mirror
Mini storage corner for books and photo albums
My memory box
Cute bird tin
My perfume corner and another cute tin with bobby pins in
Shelving above my chest of drawers which includes... candles...
...and my jewellery and happiness jar
Photo with my Mum, Dad and cat
My clock
Photo of my sister and I at my prom
My nail varnish and lipstick storage units
My face and hair care products
My bedside lamp and trophy from work
My random crap corner haha
Quote love hearts that are on my wardrobe handles
Salvador Dali inspired 'melting' clock
My Cath Kidston concertina folder (life saver)
My door with my hand-made calendar

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