Saturday, 30 August 2014

My month on instagram...

Hello my lovelies!

August is coming to and end and we are gradually making our way into Autumn. I love doing an instagram round up post because it is nice to have a look back at the fun things you did in the month. It makes you all appreciative and happy! So here is my month on instagram. Enjoy!

Took wedding photographs and saw my cousin, had some amazing hot chocolates, celebrated my cousins birthday and made loom bands, admired my beautiful university, went to see Wicked with Jenny, my cousin Celia was born, did the ALS ice bucket challenge, went to my cousin Logan's fundraiser for his cerebal palsy, had an end of work house party, completed my last shift with my mad team, went to Kew Gardens, bought a make-up organiser, went to my Nan's birthday party with my whole family, washed my car so it looks all shiny and new, bought a winter coat (yay!) and went to Holi colours festival.

What did you do in August? I would love to see any similar round up posts!

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