Thursday, 28 August 2014

My make-up organiser part 1...

Hello my lovelies!

Not long ago I invested in a make-up organiser. I have wanted one for ages because they just make everything look pretty and lovely. I thought I would show all of you what I keep in my make-up organiser because some of you might be interested! I have split this post into 2 so you aren't bombarded by loads of products. Part 1 is going to show you eye products and make-up brushes!

 I only own 5 palettes but I adore every single one of them. The 3 in the picture above are my Urban Decay Naked palettes. I own Naked 3, 2 and basics. Naked 2 is my favourite out of them all because I like to wear browns the majority of the time.

 The other 2 palettes that I own are both from Sleek. These eyeshadows are amazing for a high street brand and I really do love them. I have The Original 594 set for brighter eye looks and Au Naturel 601 for my usual brown eyed look.

 I have 3 eyeliners in my collection and I use them all for different reasons. Number 1 is Benefit's they're real push-up liner. I use this if I want a more dramatic gel liner look or if I am going out for a long day. Number 2 is Sleek's eau la la liner and I use this for my water line on a daily basis. Number 3 is Collection fast stroke liquid liner. I use this if I don't want a dramatic liquid liner and if I am only going out for a short time. I only own one mascara because I love this one so much. Number 4 is Maybelline's falsies mascara. Before doing any of this I use my Champney's eyelash curlers to get them extra long before using product!

 As every girl will know it is super important to maintain those brows! They shape our faces after all. For my brows I use the Vintage company tweezers, number 1. Soap and Glory's archery pencil, number 2, or Seventeen sculpting brow, number 3. All of these products are great for brows!
Ever since I discovered Real Technique's my make-up applying process has become so much better. They are a bit more expensive compared to other brands but they do the job really well and I adore every brush I own. I own...1. Blush brush 2. Expert face brush 3. Buffing brush 4. Contour brush 5. Pointed foundation brush 6. Shading brush. I also own two more eyeshadow brushes (7 and 8) which came from Seventeen's make-up set that I received for Christmas.

Stay tuned for part 2 where I will show you my face products and my selected nail varnish set!

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