Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mini Primark haul...

Hello my lovelies!

As you will all know by now I love Primark, so it would have been a crime if I didn't have a quick browse when I went into town. This will now be my 3rd Primark haul which makes me think I need to stop spending money haha. I only bought 4 things this time but they are things I have wanted/needed for quite a while so I am very happy with my purchases.

Black handbag

 A couple of months ago my black handbag broke - I bought a rucksack to replace it which I love but evening outfits haven't been quite right. Having a rucksack with a nice dress didn't really suit the outfit which is why I was in the market for a new black bag. I saw this one on sale for just £5 and it is perfect! It has a snake effect on the flap, silver fastenings and has a pocket inside. Just what I wanted!

Statement necklace

 I have been wearing a lot more plain tops recently so I really wanted to get a statement necklace. A lot of necklaces I have seen have been full of colour which I personally thought made them more difficult to wear. I love this one because it is black/white/gold which means it is super versatile and will go with any outfit. This was only £4!


 Socks really are such a boring thing to buy but they are a necessity. I am trying to be super prepared for when the colder whether inevitably comes back again and I wanted some cute socks. I saw these and couldn't resist! I love wearing pink (although it isn't one of my favourite colours) and have wanted some frill socks for ages so for £2.50 I couldn't really say no!

Leather jacket

 This is the item I am the most excited for! Last year I had a leather jacket that I wore all the time and I have no idea where it went. It may have got lost when I was moving from halls to my uni house. Anyway, since then I have wanted one but because it has been summer hardly anywhere had leather jackets at a decent price. I knew Primark had just released their Autumn range so thought I would have a look around on the off chance - and there they were! Now of course this isn't real leather but I will only really wear it in Autumn until Winter comes and I need to wear a proper coat. This was £23 and was around the rough price I was wanting to pay. I am absolutely chuffed with this and it feels so nice on. This will now complete any outfit!

Have you bought anything from Primark recently?

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