Friday, 8 August 2014

Day in the life #6: Holi One colours festival...

Hello my lovelies!

On the 2nd August Jenny and I went to London (Wembley Park) to go to the Holi One colours festival. This festival is a copy of the religious festival that originates in India. There are now many of these festivals in the capitals of different countries and they looked like fun so we thought we should go! Just to get the negatives out of the way first: music was rubbish, we had to queue for an hour to get our powder and there wasn't much to do there between the powder countdowns. However, when the powder was chucked up in the air it was amazing. Holi Colours festival is there to represent unity and everyone acting as one. The main stage did a 10 second countdown every hour and then everyone chucked their coloured powder in the air. They did have some really good Bollywood dancers there too. I enjoyed this because it felt like it was really in keeping with the original Indian colours festival and it made the atmosphere feel even more real. Jenny and I weren't drinking (we both had work the next day) so we didn't stay too long - we used all of our colour packets, had a dance and enjoyed ourselves. Before we even got into the festival we got free Ben and Jerry's too which made us even more happy! Here are some pictures from the day...


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