Friday, 29 August 2014

August - my favourite bloggers...

Hello my lovelies!

Last month I started a feature where I shared with you my favourite bloggers in each of the 4 main domains of blogging. I loved the response I got from it and it is always nice to tell someone that you love their work. I have also added a bonus blog section which is a blog that has a mixture of everything and that I love reading! August is nearly over and September is on its way, which means it is time to share with you my favourite bloggers from August. Enjoy!


My favourite beauty blog from August comes from Aspiring Londoner. She is amazing at reviewing items and suggesting ways to save money. I really trust her opinion when it comes to reviews because she always goes into so much detail and provides really great photos to accompany the post! If you need help with makeup, hair or nails then this is the blog you should visit (can we all just take a minute to drool over her blog artwork too!)


 My favourite fashion blogger from August comes from All Things Beautiful. This girl has an amazing fashion sense and I love reading whenever she does a fashion post. She does hauls, style crushes and wishlists which all have amazing finds on them. She is also a lovely lady to speak to which makes the blogging experience even better! If you need any fashion inspiration or guidance then check this blog out.


 My favourite lifestyle blogger from August is Robowecop. This girl is a little bit mad but in the most amazing way! She has a really great talent from expressing her personality through her blog posts. You know a blog is good when you feel like you know them a little bit better after reading their posts. This always happens after I read a Robowecop post! If you want to read just some generally fun posts then check out her blog.


 My favourite health blogger from August is Jennos health. Jenny does some amazing health inspired posts, whether it be tips or recipes you know you can always rely on her blog. She is also a massive inspiration and encouragement to other people on their journey to losing weight which is such a lovely attribute. I have been lucky enough to speak to Jenny a lot and I can hand on heart say she is the nicest blogger I have spoken to! If you ever need a pep talk or some help with being healthy then check out her blog.

Bonus blog

 My bonus blog this month goes to All Things Beautiful. I love this blog because it has something for everyone. Beth writes about beauty, lifestyle, recipes and loads of other things! Beth is also a really helpful blogger. She writes great advice posts to help you improve your blog and get your creative juices flowing. I love this because it shows that she thinks about the rest of the blogging community as well as her blog! If you like a mixture of blog posts then this blog should be checked out!

So those are my favourite blogs from August! Who were your favourites?

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