Friday, 1 August 2014

A blogger for every interest...

Hello my lovelies!

Since August is coming up I thought I would share with you my favourite blogs in each of the four major sections of blogging: lifestyle, fitness, beauty and fashion. I read each of these blogs every time they have a new post and I love their styles of writing. I hope you enjoy them!



Hazel Jane is a very talented lifestyle writer, she is witty but serious when she needs to be. She runs a great mini-series called 'Self-confidence series' which is very thought provoking and honest. I also adore her more light hearted posts such as her 'Sleepy Sunday' series because it gives us all a nice insight into her life! She also takes amazing photo's for her blog, something that I need to get better at doing.



Jenny has taught me a lot about healthy eating and exercise through her blog posts and I honestly think it has helped me in my journey towards losing weight. Her recipe posts always look delicious and the way she explains things make the recipes really easy to follow. Jenny has only recently started her blog and she has over 200 followers already which is a testament to how well she is running her blog. If you are trying to get a bit healthier then you should definitely check out her blog.



Kirstie's blog is one of the first blogs that I ever read when I started blogging in December. She has been a firm favourite of mine ever since! She does amazing beauty reviews which helps me when it comes to choosing products and she is hilarious in the way she writes. She has recently started a YouTube channel too which excited me greatly, you should all go follow her on that too! One of my favourite series that Kirstie writes is her Disney series where she selects a Disney character and finds highstreet clothes that look like them. Definitely check this ladies lovely work out!



I have only recently found Sjoukje's blog but I absolutely love it. She isn't predominantly a fashion blog but these are my favourite posts out of the ones she has done. She has a unique and fun fashion sense and I love seeing her OOTD's and how she styles her outfits. She also takes amazing photographs for her blog so I really admire her for that. She hasn't been blogging for long but she is amazing so definitely go and check her out!

Who have been your favourite bloggers this month? Share them so I can have a look too!

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