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10 top tips for starting University...

Hello my lovelies!

Many of you will have just received your A level results and found out if you are going to university or not. I am currently going into my 3rd year of study (old I know) so I thought I would share some of my wisdom and create 10 tips for when you start university!

1. Plan your outfit before leaving
Going to a new place is daunting enough, especially because you won't know anyone there. I honestly think that feeling confident in your outfit and feeling good will give you that extra boost when it comes to making friends. This is purely psychological but anything that makes those first few hours more bearable is good in my books!

2. Bring something to share with the people you are living with (food, drink, games etc)

Bringing something with you is such a great ice breaker. I bought some food and some drink and offered it to the people on my corridor once everyone was settled. It was nice because a lot of the people I was living with had done the same thing so we had loads of food and drink and just started getting to know each other!

3. Plan your journey to your university before hand

Make sure the person taking you to university knows where they are going, where they can park etc. Like I said before it is nerve wracking enough traveling to your uni and you don't want the extra stress of getting lost or having no where to park on top of this! Also a lot of universities have different moving in times for your halls of residence so make sure you check first that you are arriving at the right time.

4. Only pack seasonal items, you don't need everything!

Knowing what you need to take to university is one of the most difficult things. The halls that I lived in meant that I had to move out at the end of every term. However, when I first moved in I brought everything with me and it really wasn't necessary. You will all be moving in when it is cold so make sure you predominantly bring warm clothes and only the occasional summer outfit (just in case). You will be popping home for Christmas/Easter so you can always switch clothes around then.

5. Have a look at societies on the university website before you get to university

Societies are one of the best ways to socialise on campus. Most universities will have an event where you can go and see all of the societies, ask questions and generally find out more. These can be daunting because there is just so much to take in. I would really recommend having a look on the website for your university before hand and gauge the main ones you are interested in. That way when you go to the fayre to see them all you have a rough idea what you are looking for. Anything extra is a bonus!

6. Add yourself to relevant Facebook pages

I met one of my best friends on a social media site and I am so happy that I did. Adding yourself to pages means you can find people on your course or in your halls. I wouldn't come across as overly keen because that can be off putting but it doesn't hurt to introduce yourself. It might even help when you move in to see a few familiar faces!

7. Look at the events guide on the university website

During Fresher's week there will be an insane amount of activities going on. It is near impossible to attend everything so it is always good to look at the events guide before hand. The events guide should outline all of the events happening in the upcoming week. This way you can see which ones take your fancy, what times they are and where you need to be.

8. Save some money before you leave home

I know I am not giving you a lot of time with this one but you really need some money to be going in with. Fresher's is expensive and so is living in general. I know most people blow the majority of their loan straight away but don't forget you need to buy text books and groceries for the next 3 months too. If you bring some money with you then you can use that during your Fresher's week on alcohol, meals out, general fun and then have the rest of your loan to toy about with in the later months!

9. Don't lose contact with your friends from home

This is easier said than done because I actually did this and I really regret it. I know you are going to be super busy settling in and making new friends, but don't forget your old ones. A text here and there will show you are thinking of them and that you miss them. Just remember when you go home for Christmas, New Years, Easter etc you will want to see them again. Nothing is worse than feeling like a seasonal friend though so make sure that doesn't happen!

10. Bring a calender/organiser/notice board with you

Like I previously mentioned,  university is so busy when you get there. It can all seem a bit crazy. Personally for me having something to write events on really helped. It meant that I knew what I was doing each day, a time and where I needed to be. This can be used for social events and for inductions onto your course, meeting lecturers etc. There is nothing worse then missing something in your first week!

These are all tips from my personal experiences - feel free to write any other tips in the comments that you think would be helpful! Have fun if you are going to university in September too, it will be the best time of your life.

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