Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Top 3 destinations I want to visit...

Hello my lovelies!

I am not one of those girls that likes to go on holiday just to get a tan (mainly because my skin hates the sun and decides to burn as soon as I am directly in it haha). When I go away somewhere I like to go and explore the country that I am in and immerse myself in their culture. There are 3 places that I have always wanted to go to - not because they have a lot of history but because they look beautiful and scenic too.


 This is probably a bizarre place to chose out of everywhere in the world but it has a lot of relevance to me. My Nan and Grandad are both Irish and they moved over to the UK when they were around 18 years old. Because of this I have a lot of family in Ireland that I have never met and this has always made me want to go and visit. Last week my Mum asked me if I wanted to go to Ireland next year after I finish my 3rd year exams and I jumped at the chance! If all goes to plan we will be visiting Tipperary, staying with family and hiring a car to go and explore the country. While this country doesn't seem like much to a lot of people I am so excited to finally go to a country I have always wanted to visit!  I am also a big fan of castles (not really sure why) so I will definitely be visiting these while I am out there.


 When I was in year 12 I actually did get the chance to go to Rome with my Philosophy class, it was a really fun trip but everything was planned and there wasn't much freedom. Now I am nearing the end of my degree I am thinking about short traveling trips I can do with friends and a trip around the whole of Italy has been top of my list. The beauty of Italy is that there are so many cities that have so much culture that you will not be bored in any place you visit. I would love to start at the top of Italy and work my way down. I am nearly 21 and I have been driving for 3 years which means I can drive a car around Europe making the choices endless! It looks like a beautiful country and I definitely need to tick this one off my list.

New Zealand

 The final place out of my top 3 is New Zealand. Out of all the hot countries this one has always appealed to me because of how scenic it is. I can think of nothing more perfect than wondering around the mountains and lakes and just taking in all of the gorgeous scenery. I would probably visit here for a more chilled out holiday where I would just go for walks without as much of the sight seeing. Personally I feel that New Zealand doesn't have as much culture as Ireland and Italy but it is still a place that I desperately want to visit!

Where are your top 3 holiday destinations? Have you visited any of the ones suggested above?

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