Tuesday, 22 July 2014

My favourite seasonal lipsticks...

Hello my lovelies!

I am a massive lipstick fan. I don't feel as if my outfit is complete without a splash of colour on my lips. Along with dresses these are my two downfalls money wise. But I thought, why not make a positive out of this situation and turn it into a blog post! (also makes me feel less guilty for spending money). The lipsticks in these photo's are very well loved and are by no means pristine just so you know before you comment saying how low down they are haha.

 For me spring is all about flowers and new life. When I think of this pink is always the colour that springs to mind (haha get it). Spring has the perfect type of weather in my opinion, it is slightly warm but still cold enough to wear a jumper. I like to wear darker clothes and then a bright pink lipstick to add colour. The one pictured above is from Collection 2000 and is Pink Shock (2). This is a very bright pink matte lipstick and I love it. You will need to feel confident enough to wear this though because it is a bold choice. However, when you feel comfortable in it it can glamorize any look!


Summer is all about beaches, holidays and feeling confident. I absolutely adore the colour orange in summer and this lipstick from Revlon is amazing. This is a mixture between a matte and a sheen. It has a slight sheen when you put it on but turns into a matte effect after a while. It also tastes like mint too which is an added bonus! If you are looking for the perfect orange then I would definitely recommend giving this one a go. This is a Revlon colorburst lip crayon in colour Audacious (245).


 Autumn  is when the trees start to shed and brown leaves scatter any path that you go down. Due to this I usually go for a brown lipstick. Autumn is when the jumpers are out in full force but you can still get away with wearing a skirt or dress underneath. I usually go for a printed skirt or dress and a more subtle lipstick. This lip butter is also from Revlon and it feels like heaven on my lips each time I use it. This is a sheen lipstick because I don't like to wear mattes during autumn. This is super easy to apply and lasts a surprisingly long time considering it is majority gloss. This lipstick is the Revlon lip butter in colour Pink Truffle (001).


 I have saved my favourite season and my favourite lipstick until last. I am a winter baby - born in December, and much like my Dad I have always loved the cold. In my opinion there is nothing better then wrapping up in a jumper, having hot drinks and cosy nights in. I am also obsessed with Christmas so that is an added bonus. For me, it is a no brainer to wear a red lipstick in winter. Winter is associated with Santa, holly berries and all kinds of red stuff so that is why I chose this colour. Now, this lipstick...if this was a man I would marry it. It is a matte lipstick with a slight sheen. It feels amazing on my lips and goes with absolutely everything. I got this as a present and it was one of the best things I ever received. When winter comes around this should be a definite buy for all red lipstick fans! It is also a nice deep berry but not a massively bold red which makes it perfect for people that don't like wearing really strong reds. This lipstick is from No.7 and is in the colour Plum Blush (25).

 What are your favourite lipsticks for each season? Have you tried any of these lipsticks?

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