Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mini homeware haul...

Hello my lovelies!

Around a year ago a Next home store opened in Camberley and until yesterday I had STILL not been in it. I finally had a nice weekend off from work so I took my chance to go and have a mooch around and see what I could find. I don't live in my own house so I stayed quite limited with my purchases but it is safe to say that when I get my own house I will be buying everything from there! I feel a bit silly calling this a 'haul' when I only bought 4 things but they were so cute that I had to share them with my lovely readers.

Heart shaped bowl

I have wanted one of these forever so I finally got my hands on one! I think these look so pretty in pictures and this one is the best sized that I have seen. It is really deep unlike others I have seen so it will be perfect for having my cereal in.

Orange juice glass jar

This is actually supposed to be a tea light holder but I thought it would be much better suited for juices! It is super cute and just has a simple love heart with 'love' written underneath. This fits a standard sized orange or apple juice carton in perfectly and it is a pretty way to pour your juice in the morning!

Bird mug

 This mug was just so cute I couldn't resist popping it in my basket. I love the whole white bird design and I would have my whole room like it if I could. This mug just says 'a little bird told is tweet' on it and inside it says 'tweet tweet'. I don't drink much tea or coffee but I thought this would be the perfect size for a hot chocolate in the winter. It is quite thick too which hopefully means it will stay hot for longer!

Bird glass

 I liked this design so much that I bought the matching glass too. My Dad always complains at me for drinking water out of a plastic cup because he says it never tastes as nice as when it is out of a glass. So me being me I went all out and got a specific 'water glass' to try and encourage myself more. This one has the same inscription as the mug and is just as cute!

So those are my bits...unfortunately none of these are on the Next home website but I would definitely encourage you to all go to your nearest Next home and have a browse. They have some lovely things!

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