Monday, 21 July 2014

Life lessons from my Nan...

Hello my lovelies!

So when someone says the word 'Nan' or 'Grandma' to you, you usually think of a sweet old lady that gives you sweets and looks after you now and again. While my Nan does do this for me she is also so much more. She is one of my biggest inspirations in life. After visiting her a couple of days ago I got to thinking just how much my Nan has actually taught me. I have narrowed it down to 5 things that I honestly think has influenced how I am as a person and has changed how I treat people in my life.

Don't wish your life away

This is something that my Nan always says to me. Time goes so quickly by itself that we should appreciate every moment instead of constantly living in the future. While it is a really good attribute to plan things and think it advance, sometimes it can detract from the moments we are currently living in. If you are someone that does this then you should take my Nan's advice and stop to smell the roses as it were. Since I have been doing this a lot more I have found myself appreciating smaller moments more and seeing how they can influence the bigger picture instead of the other way around and deeming them meaningless and unimportant.

Money is important but it doesn't bring you happiness

My Nan always explains that while money is important and a necessity to live, you should never focus your life around it. Too many people throw money at problems and don't take the time to think of the result that will bring the most happiness. So when you are stressed out about not having enough money, or not having the designer clothes that your friends have, stop and think about all the good things you have in life that money can't buy. When you do that the world seems like a much better place.

Always be polite and the world will usually be polite back

Where we live there are always people that say hi to you in the streets and smile at you as you walk buy. When I moved to uni I think this is one of the things I missed the most. No-one stopped to say hi or to smile at a stranger and everything seemed a lot more sad. Now that I have moved back home I am back to my happy places where everyone is nice and friendly. I definitely would encourage you all to smile at someone as you walk past them or open a door for them - being polite can often change someone's day. After all it is the small things that make an impact.

Manners cost nothing

This has been drilled into me since a very young age and my Nan still reminds me of it now. I definitely think that this has shaped me as a person because I always make sure I say my please and thank yous. I think this custom is gradually getting lost and it needs to be brought back again to the younger generation. I often find that if you remember your manners people are normally a lot more willing to help you. It also makes the experience of shopping or going out a lot nicer and I think this is a good thing to always remember in life!

Always appreciate your friends and family

This last point is probably the most important one. It is so easy to take your friends and family for granted - snapping at them when you are angry because you know they can take it. My Nan always reminds me that you should appreciate your friends and family because they are the ones you will need the most. They are the ones that will help you in your time of need, be a shoulder to cry on or be there when you want someone to laugh with. You should always tell your family that you love them and make sure that they know you are being sincere. Family are your foundations and influence who you are as a person, friends are your chosen family and they help to build on your foundations. Always make sure they know they are important and it will make you a lot happier in the long run.

So, those are the 5 main things that my Nan has taught me. Has your Nan taught you the same things? Who is your inspiration?

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