Monday, 14 July 2014

June favourites...

Hello my lovelies!

14 days late but better late than never, right? I have a pretty random selection of favourites this month, because I have been working I haven't had as much time to explore more beauty items but hopefully I will get more into that soon. So let's kick this off with my favourite perfume...
Heat by Beyonce. I have been wearing this if I went out for an evening. It definitely isn't a day smell but that is what makes it so special when you were it out. I love the bottle for this too (even though it is a bit awkward to photograph, apologies). If you are looking for a new perfume to try then definitely try this!
Now, I am completely aware that this book has been out FOREVER but it was one of those books I just never got around to reading. Now that I have read it I understand how much I have been missing out! Never before have I learnt so much information from one fictional book. I couldn't put this book down. In fact I loved it so much that I went out and bought the other 3 novels with the same character in.
In June I was trying to experiment more with hair products. I rarely do anything with my hair but I saw Zoella raving about salt spray so I thought I would give it a try. It is amazing! It instantly creates a wavy look in your hair and lasts for a really long time. It also adds an extra sheen to your hair which looks very pretty in the sun.
I bought this ages ago but I have worn it a lot in summer. It is the Revlon colorburst lip crayon in the shade Audacious (245). I have really been loving orange this summer because it is the perfect pop of colour for most outfits. This lip crayon smells like mint too which is always a bonus! It is a shiny lip crayon as opposed to a matte but it goes on really easily. Only thing with these is that you need to make sure your lips are in good condition otherwise the product will cling to any cracks.
And finally, Graze! I have been loving receiving my Graze boxes this month I can't say that there has been one product that I have not loved entirely. I receive my Graze box every 2 weeks, I am a big snacker so I wanted something that was a lot healthier. These have not disappointed me - check them out here.

So there is what I have been loving in June, and sorry again for it being so late! What have you been loving in June?

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