Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ilumi foods; nut, gluten and milk free...

Hello my lovelies!

Recently I tried some food from a new company called Ilumi. They specialise in food that is nut, gluten and milk free and they only use 100% fresh ingredients. They are microwave meals BUT they are healthy and good for you. This is what interested me because normally a microwave meal has so much fat and sugar in it. All of the ingredients in Ilumi are fresh and just put in a packet ready for you to cook for 2 minutes. You can chose to cook it in a pan too - the possibilities are endless! The prices for a main meal range from £2.75 onwards which is great value for money. Or you can get 3 meals for £9 with free postage and packing, even better! These are great for if you are at university like me and you want a quick and healthy meal to sustain you throughout lectures or work.
I chose 4 different meals to test out this week, I picked a rice dish, 2 meat dishes and a vegetarian dish so I could have a wide range of what they had to offer.I have rated the 4 dishes that I received out of 5 stars, these of course are just my own personal opinions but over all I was absolutely delighted with all of the food.
The first dish I tried was the vegetable biriyani. I wasn't sure if I would like this because I normally think I need meat for a bit of substance. Boy I was wrong though! This filled me up and tasted delicious. You could taste that all of the ingredients were fresh and I felt like I was having a healthy meal. This was very filling too because it contained chickpeas and other sorts to bulk it out and keep me sustained until dinner time.
 The next dish was the chicken massaman curry. This was my least favourite but that's only because it is quite coconutty. If you love the taste of coconut then this will be right up your street! I still really enjoyed the meal and I paired it with some rice which made an ideal dinner. The chicken tasted lovely and it wasn't dry at all - something that I was concerned it would be.
The third dish I tried was the basil and garlic meatballs. Yet again I paired this up with rice and it made for a very delicious dinner. I had never heard of chicken meatballs before but they were really nice! I still prefer beef meatballs which is why I gave it 4 stars but they did have these available on their website too. You could really taste the basil and garlic in the meatballs which added to the fresh flavour. I was very impressed with these.
 Finally I tried the pork and chorizo rice. This was by far my favourite! While it might not look appealing in the photo it was bursting with flavour and yumminess. I added some pastrami to it and ate this for lunch. I couldn't stop thinking about how delicious it was afterwards when I went to work. Overall I was really impressed with the rice dishes. Normally these can be quite boring but the ones from Ilumi were just so tasty.
I am absolutely delighted with Ilumi and will definitely be using their company again. The fact they have free postage too is a great bonus because this normally puts me off of some websites! This company provides fresh, delicious and healthy food that doesn't put a large strain on your bank balance. If you fancy having a look at more of the food that they offer then check out their website here:

Let me know what you think if you have tried them or are thinking about trying them!

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