Thursday, 17 July 2014

Healthy life, healthy mind...

Hello my lovelies!

I have been 20 for seven months now. I always thought that my twenties would be the time in my life where everything changes for the better, but of course this only happens if you will it to. This realisation came after I came back off of holiday. My Mum, sister and best friend ( have all been getting healthy and it really inspired me to look after myself more. Luckily (in this case anyway) I am quite a stubborn person, so once I set my mind to something I normally see it through. I decided on the 14th July that I will start getting fitter, eating healthier and most importantly appreciating and enjoying the things and people around me.
My biggest nemesis is the exercise, all my friends know that I have never been the biggest fan of working out but it is something that needs to be done. I am being realistic and I know I am not going to be an athlete by the end of this, but I am taking it slow and steady. We have a treadmill at my house which is ideal for me, I would rather get comfortable exercising in my own home before I do it in front of others. So I am doing fast walks on inclines and increasing the time each time I do it.
The healthy eating side isn't as hard for me - I have never been fussy with food so I am willing to try anything. I have much more of a chance now I have moved back home because at university it is way too easy to buy junk food and go out for food all of the time. My Dad and I have agreed to have smaller portions too, one of the things that will make the most difference I think.
My favourite health related purchase though has to be the Breville blend active smoothie and juice maker. I always find eating fruit such effort (I know, lazy) so this is the best thing for me! I just make a smoothie and take it where I want with me. I have been having these for breakfast and I think it is a great way to kick start the day. I am also making sure I get my 5 a day with these! In fact I am drinking one as I write this.
I read this quote from Roald Dalh ages ago and it has been saved on my phone ever since. I feel that this is relevant now more than ever and I am going to use this to help spur me on. This health change has come at the right time for me. I am losing weight and getting healthier for ME not because anyone else has told me I need to. I have a great family and bunch of friends that are supporting me with this too which I greatly appreciate. I leave university next year and I want to make sure I feel my best (emotionally and psychically) before I conquer the real world.  Hopefully this change will make me even more positive too and leave me feeling the best that I can be! I am 4 days in and already losing weight and it is such a good feeling.

Are any of you getting fit? Feel free to share any tips!

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