Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day in the life #5: Kew Gardens...

Hello my lovelies!

I have not done a day in the life post in FOREVER so I thought it was about time to change this! On Saturday I went to Kew Gardens with my best friend Jenny (she also has a blog that can be found here). For those of you that are not from the UK Kew Gardens is a massive nature place that holds plants from all over the world, some animals and it is a beautiful place to visit. We went down there because Jenny is starting some work experience near by soon and she wanted to get a feel for the drive. We thought we would pop to Kew Gardens while we were in the area because it was so close! We ended up walking around for 3 hours (good work out) while we chatted, took photo's of the gorgeous scenery and looked at the animals. While we were there we treated ourselves to ice cream, I got mint choc chip which is my favourite (a little treat) while Jenny was a lot better than me and got a healthy fruit ice lolly! We saw pretty much most of the greenhouses there, my favourite one was the one that contained the massive lily pads and then we stopped for lunch. We were both really good and brought our own lunch with us to save money and to be healthy. I had a traditional greek salad and Jenny had bulgar wheat with lots of veg and fruit - yummy! We ate our lunch by the pagoda which is a Japanese building they have there. It was super hot so we sat in the shade for a while to cool down and then started to make our way back. We took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in the park area with loads of kids. After dodging round them all we made it back to the car park and drove back home. It was a lovely day with great company and beautiful weather - I really enjoyed myself. Where are the photo's I hear you ask? Well, I took a lot so here are my favourites...
Jenny and I

Ornate vases

A scarecrow in the fields

Massive lily pads
A patchwork tree

Tequila plant aka my new favourite plant

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