Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lush Lip Scrub: Mint Julips...

Hello my lovelies!

I know I am late on the trend here but I have only recently picked up a Lush lip scrub. I am an avid wearer of lipstick and don't feel my outfit is complete without it. During summer the heat seems to make my lips crack which of course means matte lipsticks stick to all the cracks.
 I saw this product featured on Tanya Burr's YouTube channel and thought that it sounded ideal for what I needed. It is! Not only does this smell delicious it works amazingly well too. It is so simple - just swirl it around on your lips and any dry patches will come straight off. The beauty is that you can lick off any excess too because it is made completely of food and things that you can easily digest.
 The Lush lip scrub contains caster sugar, jojoba oil, vanilla extract, tagetes oil, peppermint oil and flavouring. On the Lush website it says that the oils are cooling, moisturising and invigorating which leaves your lips looking nice and fresh. This product costs £5.50 for 25g and has around a 2 month usage before it reaches its expiry date. I would definitely recommend this little product and I have definitely recognised a difference in my lip condition after using this! I am not a big bath lover so it is nice to find something in Lush that I can use and appreciate.

If you want to buy this product then it can be found here.

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