Saturday, 24 May 2014


Hello my lovelies!

I am back. I am so sorry to have left and I missed you all dearly. My 2nd year exams are now over (all 7 of them) and I can now relax. The way in which I relax? Treating myself. I used to be one of those girls that never wanted to spend much on makeup because I thought it was a waste and that there wasn't really a difference. Oh how young and naive I was. So this week I splurged on two of my first big more expensive retailers...MAC and NARS (it seems like they like using capitals in product names). When I ordered them I was like an excited kid at Christmas, but I do think it is important to treat yourself now and again. I bought the MAC highlighting powder from their nautical range and the NARS orgasm blush. I am not going to write a review because I haven't used either of the products yet. I just wanted to share their beauty and my excitement with you!

Aren't they beautiful?! Have you guys had any exams recently and bought a little treat? I would love to know what you have all bought!

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