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Once Upon A Time Season 3 Finale...

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I mentioned Once Upon A TIME (OUAT) in my blog last week and today the finale aired in the UK. I woke up at 7 this morning just to watch it because I was so excited. This finale was by far the best out of all the OUAT seasons and might be one of my favourites out of all the American shows I watch. So before I start mentioning what happens this will contain *SPOILERS* so do not read if you haven't watched it yet.
So it started out with all of the main characters seeing the portal that had opened into the past. This happened because Rumple killed Zelena and her powers returned to her amulet. I was a little sad that Rumple did kill her just because I think that Rumple and Belle were reaching a good stage and betraying her will probably come out at some point in season 4. Everyone agreed not to go near the portal but Emma and Hook weren't there for that agreement and ended up getting dragged into the portal. They ended up back in the Enchanted Forest before Snow White and Prince Charming had ever met. Hook told Emma that it was vital that she didn't interfere with anything because it could rewrite the whole future...of course it was inevitable that something would change. Emma accidentally broke a branch as Snow White and Prince Charming were about to meet for the first time which meant their whole destinies were rewritten. They then had to find a new way to get them to meet and fall in love.

Snow White ended up going to Hook and Hook made her get the wedding ring from Prince Charming so they would meet. She did this so she could escape on the Jolly Roger because she is a 'wanted' criminal. So she got the ring, but dropped it in the castle. Emma then picked it up and stopped a guard from shooting Snow which in turn meant she got locked in jail by Regina for stopping them getting to Snow White. While Emma was there she met a woman in the prison who we didn't find out was Maid Marion until the end of the show. Emma and Marion manage to escape and they are soon met by Hook and Prince Charming. Mean while Snow had snuck into Regina's palace and tried to use dark fairy magic on her to turn her into a bug. Regina saw her and stopped this, got Snow captured and tied to the stake. We then saw Snow supposedly die by being burned.
Emma is really sad until Hook points out that Emma is still alive, if Snow was really dead then Emma would have vanished too. Prince Charming soon reveals that Snow had used the last remnants of the fairy dust to turn herself into a bug and to escape the fire. Fairy Blue then turns up and counteracts the spell using light fairy magic. Emma then gets upset again because Snow doesn't know who she is and doesn't understand why Emma was so sad about her death.

After all this Emma and Hook go and see Rumple, explain they are from the future, and he says he cannot reopen the portal; only people that used the portal and have magic can open it using this wand. Rumple is afraid of Emma and Hook because he doesn't understand their power so he locks them in a safe with other powers he feels are too strong. Emma talks about how she misses home and wants to stay in Storybrooke and the wand activates and they open the portal. They also brought Maid Marion through the portal too because Emma had changed a bit of the past by saving her life. They thought bringing her back would be the best idea.
When they get back to present day Emma calls Snow White and Prince Charming Mum and Dad for the first time and tells Henry that they will stay in Storybrooke because she now realises that it is their home. Snow and Charming reveal the name of the baby is Neal, named after Baelfire as a tribute. We then see Rumple and Belle getting married with the cutest vow 'sometimes the best teacups have a chip'.
Emma has a heart to heart with Hook to thank him for bringing her back to Storybrooke and giving her her memory back. She then asks how he escaped the curse and how he acquired a magic bean to go between portals to get to her. He reveals that he sold the Jolly Roger, his most prized possession, for her. They end up kissing - a long awaited scene for any OUAT fan.

The next bit is the only bit that frustrated me about the finale and it is that Regina did not get her happy ending. Regina and Robin Hood (Marion's husband, he thought she was dead) entered the diner to wet the babies head. They were super happy and in love until Robin see's Maid Marion. Emma had brought back Maid Marion through the time portal. Robin Hood's son also see's his Mum for the first time in ages and they all look very happy. Regina is heartbroken and accuses Emma of being just like her mother because she had taken away her happiness. I really hope that this does not mark the beginning of Regina being evil again as I think we need to get used to seeing the kind side in her. I feel it would ruin a whole series worth of effort just by making her evil again.
The most exciting part of the finale though was the ending. When the portal was closed a canister from the powerful safe was also brought to present day. It opened and blue liquid poured out and formed a lady. We only see her from behind but she has the recently iconic blue dress on and shoots ice from her hands. Yes, you are right...ELSA FROM FROZEN! I was so surprised that they did this because Frozen is such a recent franchise but I do think it is a clever decision. They will no doubt have a very interesting twist with Elsa/Snow Queen. Series 4 looks like it will be amazing and I will be sad to not watch the episodes every week for a while. The only thing I would say to the writers is PLEASE give Regina her happy ever after.

I may be 20 years old but I don't think you are ever too old for a bit of fantasy. What were your thoughts on the OUAT season 3 finale?

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