Tuesday, 6 May 2014

My two celebrity idols...

Hello my lovelies!

As you can see from the title this post is about my two celebrity icons, Jessie J and Fearne Cotton. The reason they are my idols is not because of their looks or their fame but because of what they represent. They have both had huge success in the music industry because they have been determined with what they wanted and didn't take no for an answer. I always strive to be like this in my life too because I think this is a very important attribute.
Jessie J has had many knock backs in her musical career with her label dropping her at an early stage. She never let that get to her and she persevered until she made it. Her debut single of 'Do it like a dude' was actually intended for Miley Cyrus but the record company thought it would suit her more. Although it wasn't the style she wanted her music to be she grabbed the opportunity and used it as a stepping stone to develop her career. Since then she has inspired thousands of people with her songs and sold out loads of arenas in the UK. I was lucky enough to see her in the 02 during her Alive tour. It was one of the most humbling experiences because you could see by her performance how much it means to her.  Fame has never got to her head and she always remains down to earth and I really respect that. I also follow Jessie on instagram and twitter, she always posts pep talks and positive quotes which also help me to feel better about myself!

Fearne Cotton has been in my life since I was young. I used to watch her with Reggie Yates on tele and always admire how she never let any opportunity pass her. Now she is permanently on Radio 1 and I love listening to her every day. I think the thing that inspires me the most about Fearne though is her ability to laugh along with others and take the mick out of herself. I am an avid watcher of Celebrity Juice and no matter what she gets on there she takes it as a bit of fun and laughs it off. This is such a great attribute to have! She has also followed her dreams by becoming a designer for the website Very where she gets to see her designs come to life. She is a passionate, fiery, down to earth and lovely woman.
I know this isn't my usual kind of post but I thought it would be nice to show you all the kind of thing that inspires me. I love both of these women so much and will always continue to support their careers because I think the world needs more women like this!

Who are your celeb idols?

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