Thursday, 1 May 2014

Happiness: Colab Thursdays...

Hello my lovelies!

So this week I have joined the Blog behind the look co-lab Thursday. Each week they give you a topic to write a post about, the topic is quite broad and you  can interpret it however you want. Everyone else's links in the group will be on this post so you can see different versions if you wish to. This weeks topic is one I had actually contemplated writing about anyway, and it is happiness. Happiness is a very broad term and means many different things to different people.  For my perspective I am going to go with how I have defined happiness recently.

Recently I have very much thought that happiness is surrounding yourself with positive people and with people that raise you higher, not bring you down. I used to be a sucker for 'trust everyone, give everyone a chance, everyone is lovely'. I realise now that that isn't realistic and I had rose tinted glasses on. Since I realised this I have tried to make an active change to only keep people in my life that treat me with respect, encourage me to be the person who I am and support me with my dreams. I also realise that I may fail to make this obvious to people at times too, so I am trying to make other people happy too. Even if it is a text to tell someone how much they mean to me or remembering small details about someone's day - I am trying a lot harder.

I guess this has come from the past term at university, I haven't really felt myself and I haven't been the happiest person. This was because I cared too much about people that were bringing me down and being negative in my life. Now I have stopped listening I feel so much better, and being home for the Easter made me realise how many supportive people I have around me. My Mum and Dad are always encouraging me with my dreams, my Nan is always so proud of me and my friends always encourage me if I need a pick me up. From realising all of this I guess what I am trying to say is you should all look for the positives and the positive people in your life. Ignore the negatives and get rid of the negative people, I know this is easier said than done but I promise you you will feel so much better for it.

Underneath are a few quotes that have influenced the way I perceive happiness...

So, what is your definition of happiness?

Speak soon! xx

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