Friday, 2 May 2014

Beauty haul...

Hello my lovelies!

This will be my last haul for a while, I have PROMISED myself that these are enough treats now and I am going to curve my spending (let's see how long that one lasts!)
So I had a little mooch around  Boots, Superdrug, BeautyBay and Cohorted and bought all of these little gems. I love them ever so much.

A tangle teezer, oh yeah baby! My hair gets so unbelievably knotty that I needed one of these in my life. I had heard about them but was a bit sceptical if they would do what they said. So I tried my friends and it did work so I skipped off to the BeautyBay website and snapped up this funky orange and yellow one.
I know this has been around for yonks but I have never really tried many mascaras since I fell in love with my Rimmel The Max bold curves one. It is safe to say though that I love this one even more (and that is saying a lot). It makes my lashes super long and spread out and I just lavs it.

My favourite purchase from this haul was my Sleek au naturel (try not reading it in a French accent, hard isn't it?!) because I am a massive brown eyeshadow fan. I have pined after this palette for what seems like a life time but whenever I went into any shops they had sold out of it! Luckily I was having a browse and it was in stock...YAY! So straight in my basket it went. I will be doing a proper review of this soon.
As I mentioned in my previous post (Monday Lookback #3)I bought these Real Techniques core collection brushes for £12 from Cohorted. I love all of these and they fit very comfortably with my other brushes in my mason jar!

 I am a mahoosive fan of YouTube so it was a no-brainer that I had to buy Tanya Burr's lips and nails products as soon as I got paid. I went for the Picnic in the Park lipgloss and the Little Duck nail varnish. I am so impressed with the lipgloss in particular because it is thick, shiny and smells amazing. I am normally a bigger fan of lipsticks for the rich colours but this lipgloss definitely has a lot of colour. Can we also take a minute to see how beautiful the nail varnish colour is?!
My final purchase is this John Frieda sheer blonde mousse. Recently I had the ends of my hair dip-dyed and was recommended by my hairdresser to get a purple based product. This mousse has violent hints in it so it will bring out the colour of the blonde when I use it after a shower. It also has a heat protector in it too which is an added bonus!

So that's all of my haul (oh deary me!). Have you bought anything beauty related recently?

Speak soon! xx

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