Friday, 11 April 2014

Two New Skin Purchases...

Hello my lovelies!

I am not an avid user of skin products, it is something I tend to neglect but I am making more of an effort to try. I recently went into Boots armed with my Boots card that had some money on it from my points. Boots currently have discounts on all of their skin care products so I thought I would have a look around. I bought two things while I was there, a Botanics eye makeup remover and an Olay moisturiser. I know neither of these are new products but they are new to me!

Recently I have been having a lot of issues with eye makeup remover because my eyes are super sensitive and every makeup remover I have bought has irritated them. When I saw this Botanics remover it sounded perfect and I must say it has lived up to its expectations. It uses hibiscus plants in it which is soothing for sensitive skin, especially around the eyes. The hibiscus plant also nourishes the eyelashes and gives them a pink tinge to make your eyelashes grow stronger and longer. I can't say that my eyelashes have grown any longer but they do feel a lot more thick. Since using this I haven't had any pain with my skin and my skin always feels soft are using this. It is really great at removing tough make up too. It is an oily eye makeup remover so if you aren't a fan of that then you probably would not like this. This product was £2.66 for 150ml and can be found here.
The last thing I bought was the Olay essentials double action moisturiser for sensitive skin (day cream). I have used this moisturiser before but I had the one for normal skin. I have known for a while that this was wrong for my skin because my skin is sensitive and I needed a moisturiser that could help this. This moisturiser isn't too thick and dries quickly on the skin. It makes my skin feel a lot more smooth and make up goes on well on top of it. Since I have been using this moisturiser my spots have started to go and my skin feels a little bit tighter. It is really easy to apply and it isn't too wet that it slides all over your face. This normally retails at £5.39 in Boots but with their current offer I snapped it up for just £2.70, what a bargain! Their range of moisturisers can be found here.

I love both of these products so much that when I get some more money I will go and check out more of their items. I think both of these are really reasonable in price and do what they say on the package. What are your favourite skin items? Do you have any that you recommend?

Speak soon! xx

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