Monday, 21 April 2014

Monday Lookback #2...

Hello my lovelies!

This week we were quite blessed and had lovely weather pretty much all week...until it came to Easter of course. I hope you all had a lovely Easter and ate your weight in chocolate. Here is what I did with my week :)

1. Revision (Monday-Friday)
Yes, revision is still in my life. This week it wasn't too bad though because I managed to do some work outside and have my cats keep me company. Revision is definitely better in the sun!

2. Another trip to Virgina Water (Saturday)

I did say last week that it is one of my favourite places, so I went there again this week! The weather was gorgeous again but this time we walked around the whole lake. I got to see all the pretty spring flowers and I had a really lovely day!

3. Chilled out (Saturday evening)

It is a rarity when I have an evening to myself with absolutely nothing to do. I allowed myself to have this weekend off from work because it is Easter and I was feeling tired. I had snuggles with my cats and watched junk tele. Perfect night.


For me Easter is a time for family and friends, so we all went down to the pub for the day. We got lunch there and caught up with family friends. It was such a lovely day and was nice to catch up with everyone while I was back from uni. My Mum also bought me this super cute Easter bunny, I kind of feel bad for eating it because it is so cute! Reason for the coke picture? I gave it up for lent so this is the first drink I have had of it in 1 month. I am not religious but my Nan is so I try and do it for her.

5. New car! (Sunday)

I've known I was getting this car for a while now because my Dad had recently bought it, but on Sunday the insurance officially started under my name. I am so excited to start driving this properly and it is super gorgeous!

What did you do with your week?

Speak soon! xx

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