Monday, 10 March 2014

The importance of photo's...

Hello my lovelies!

I had a very hectic week last week and I have another busy one coming up and it really made me miss home. To cheer me up I had a look through my photo albums and my scrapbooks to see their faces and feel a bit closer to them.
 After I had done this I started thinking about how important photo's are and the power that they hold. One photo can transport you back to an event and reignite so many memories you may have thought you had forgotten. I find it a real shame that most people don't print out photo's anymore and they just stick them on Facebook or Twitter. While we are a technology era now, I always worry about losing the website and all my photo's along with it. I feel like photography is a dying art that quite frankly, I am not ready to let go.

When I was younger my Mum used to get out the photo albums and we spent whole afternoons looking through photos, her telling me stories of things we did when we were little. It makes me so happy to see how fondly she views these memories and it is a great thing to bond over. I personally want to have that with my children in the future and that is one of the reasons I print off my photos.

It is also sometimes funny (especially around school age) when you look back and can laugh at some atrocious fashion statements or dodgy haircuts! I have always been a massive photo person, I love to document every event - even if it does annoy people. I guess because I am at uni too I don't want to forget the experience. I just wanted to see people's views on photo's and printing them off? Do you still enjoy photography?
Speak soon! xx

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