Thursday, 20 March 2014

Make-up Free Selfie...

Hello my lovelies!

I am sure I won't be the first to tell you that there is a trend going around Facebook at the moment called 'make-up free selfies'. The point of this is to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK and to get more people to donate to the charity. I have personally participated in this...
...but the thing that has annoyed me so much is that people are saying this is a bad thing. A lot of the criticism is coming from people saying that they 'don't see the link' or 'it won't help'. Well I was discussing this with my friend earlier and we both agreed that sponsored runs and other fundraising ideas don't have a direct link with cancer, so how is this any different? ANYTHING that raises awareness about the disease is good in my eyes. I do accept that if people are just uploading bare-face selfies without stating it is to raise awareness for cancer then they don't have the grasp of the concept, but the majority of people do. In today's society young girls are told that we should be stick thin, have big boobs and be caked with make-up so I think it is refreshing to see my timeline filled with girls having the confidence to do a no make-up selfie. Since the 18/03/2014 donations have peaked by 1 MILLION POUNDS. If that isn't helping the charity then I have no idea what is...

I personally want to support this cause because I have lost a lot of family members to cancer and it is a horrible horrible experience. I hope that sometime in the near future we will find a cure for cancer so the younger generation do not have to go what I had to go through so frequently. I like to use this campaign (which is what it is) to remember my loved ones and to donate to a charity that means a lot to me.

 Sorry this turned into a bit of a rant it just upsets me that so many people have to put a downer on a great idea and something that is fun for us all too.

Speak soon! xx

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