Friday, 7 February 2014

Sunblush and Jewellerybee...

Hello my lovelies!

When I mentioned Elizabeth Arden the other day in my 'Oh, what a lovely scent' post it got me to wondering whether she had any other products. Remember I am quite a novice still, so if this seems obvious I am sorry! So I had a look around my local House of Fraser when I stumbled across an Elizabeth Arden make up section. This thrilled me and I was very excited to have a look at all their products. I was in the market for a new blusher, I find it very difficult to find one I like because I want it to be subtle. There was a lovely lady that helped me pick out the correct shade, I went for Sunblush. Sunblush is a dark pink with little gold sparkles in to give it that extra shimmer.

I absolutely love this blusher and it is definitely my favourite makeup item that I have purchased in a very long time. The packaging is gorgeous and is a bit reminiscent of YSL. This has a handy compact mirror so I can take it on the go with me, even though I don't think I need to top up because this lasts on my skin all day. You only need a tiny bit on your cheeks to get a nice subtle glow which is just perfect for me. It also comes with a little brush, although I don't use this because I prefer a bigger brush.
Here is a swatch of the colour on my skin. I am very pale so this won't look as dark if you have a darker skin tone than myself. I love this because it doesn't make me look like a clown or too fake tanned! This is perfect for me and I am in love with it. This blusher is £26 from House of Fraser and can be found here. On a bit of a side note, while I was in House of Fraser too they asked to test out some new cool technology on me! It was a machine imported from America for Elizabeth Arden - they put it near your skin and it tells you the perfect foundation shade within their collection. They then gave me a free 7 day sample to try to see if the machine was right. It was! It was such a cool device that I had to share it with you all. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this blusher - I have been wearing it every day since I bought it and I love it so much.

Also while I am here I want to tell you about one more product...
This bracelet is made by Jewellerybee, her instagram with her products on can be found here. I first heard about this lady on my friend Chloe's blog which can be found here (woah link overload, sorry guys!). This lovely lady makes these bracelets and charges such a tiny price for them (around £3). There are loads of different styles to choose from and they are very good quality. It comes packaged in a cute little drawstring bag and a nice note from Jewellerybee herself! They are definitely worth having a look at.

Speak soon! xx

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