Saturday, 1 February 2014

Stylefruits UK...

Hello my lovelies!

So, I came home from work today to find a package from Stylefruits UK..I was expecting this in the post but what I didn't expect was the level of care and love that was put with it too. This was essentially a 'welcome' back to the blogging community after I left a post on their Facebook page. It was wrapped in a beautiful red envelope and had little silver hearts that fell out when I opened it.
First of all it came with a blogger calendar which was full of bloggers they have worked with, some of their quotes and outfits they have chosen. This is such a lovely idea because it unites all the bloggers together and inspires some new outfits. The package had 2 of these so I can give one to one of my blog readers - let me know if you fancy one!
Next was a set of 'Fashion bloggers' top trump based cards. They all have bloggers on and facts such as 'how many hangers in their wardrobe', 'how many items in their make-up bag' and 'number of posts a week on average' this shows how versatile blogging is and how many of us there is!
Finally, there was a lovely message from the Stylefruits UK company welcoming me to the world of blogging and wishing me all the best. A wonderful final touch! I must point out I haven't been sponsored for this post - I just think that this is such a lovely thing to do and it shows how welcoming the blogging community can be! 

I will give you a brief outline of what they do...they predominantly use Facebook to showcase new fashion styles, outfits of the day and colours that are available for you to buy. They have a diverse range of highstreet clothes and higher end clothes so there is a variety for everyone. They even pick out the accessories for you, so if you have the money you don't need to even think about co-ordinating a whole outfit! It is super easy to buy from their links too - just click on the photo, click buy here and it will send you to all the different websites that are involved in that post. If you want to check them out too then visit their facebook page here and say that I sent you!

Speak soon xx

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