Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Prague Day 2...

Hello my lovelies!

As promised here is day 2 of my trip to Prague. The weather was stunning so myself and two of my friends decided to go for a walk and have a look around the rest of the city. We headed back towards Old Town Square but went the opposite direction this time towards Charles Bridge. As you can see from the picture above the view was stunning and the blue skies added to this.  We stood here for quiet a while just admiring the view and standing still as the hustle and bustle went past us.

As we went further down the bridge we noticed an outdoor lift that seemed to take you down to beneath the bridge. Naturally we went in it and headed down to see what was below the bridge. When we exited we saw a jungle gym for kids, but we are all big kids at heart so we had to have a go! It was a bit surreal doing something so normal and childish with a view that was as gorgeous as the one we had. Believe it or not but we were probably in the jungle gym for a good 45 minutes just having a laugh - a few kids did give us a strange look but we will just try and forget about that!

And obviously while we were here I had to have a touristy photo by myself with the view...
After we were done messing around here we did one of the most fun things, and something I have always wanted to do...go to an ice bar! In Prague this is super cheap and only 200 czech crowns which is the equivalent of around £6. For that you get entry for 20 minutes and a free drink of your choice from the menu. I did do something stupid though and but the ice glass on the ice bar and it just slid off (whoops). Luckily the man was nice enough to make me a new one, I am sure that isn't the first time that has ever happened! This place was so cool, there was an ice DJ sculpture, an ice throne, ice glasses, ice bar and ice ladies. It was super cold in there so 20 minutes was plenty of time to do everything without getting pneumonia. This wasn't the most cultural thing to do but I definitely had fun and do not regret it one bit.

Finally we finished the evening off by going on the Clocktower bar crawl. This was a bit of a mad one - we got a free t-shirt, an all you can drink hour and a free drink at every bar for just 400 czech crowns (£12). I don't have many photo's from this because the places were really dark so they didn't come out very well. I tried some very strange shots such a bounty (this sounds nice but it really wasn't), pesto and the worst one - a chilli shot. I needed ice cubes for a good half an hour, definitely an experience that I will not forget! This was a great way to end the trip because the whole group became really close and had a good time together. Now we can say 'Remember that time in Prague...' and all understand what the person means. After this we headed back to the hostel and left at 9am ready to conquer the 19 hour bus journey back.

This trip was so much fun. It was hard work to organise, and caused a lot of stress at times but as long as all my members had a good time then it was worth it in the end :)

Speak soon! xx

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