Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Prague Day 1...

Hello my lovelies!

Apologies for the mini hiatus but I went to Prague for a few days with my society from uni. This post is a two parter because we were there for 2 days, so first of all I will be showing you what I got up to in my first day at Prague. The first day (technically) was all driving because we travelled there by coach, it took us 21 hours so not long at all (sigh). Luckily we had a DVD player and a ton of DVD's to pass the time, and you can never get bored with another 34 people on the coach.
My coach partner Oryelle and I
Once we arrived at our hostel we checked our stuff in, unpacked and then went to explore the city. First of all I must say that Prague is gorgeous and I would definitely visit again. The weather was better on day 2 but it was good enough to have a wander in. We first visited Old Town Square which is one of the larger city centres that had lots of shops, great views and AMAZING food.
Look how tasty!

Best hot chocolate I have ever had
This is the main clocktower with hand carved people

Not really sure why this was here but it freaked me out a lot
On the first day I stayed with the same people, 2 of my friends from 2nd year and 2 of my friends from first year. I had a really great time with them - one of the girls I was with had been to Prague a few times before so luckily she knew where she was going and showed us the places we had to see. We soon mastered the tram systems too which was our main mode of transport, everything was so cheap in Prague too so we couldn't complain!
We asked a lady to take this photo and she originally said no because she thought we were asking to take one of her...this was very awkward for all involved

Restaurant selfie

Masters of the tram

There were many absinthe shops around but this was the best because apparently it was a 'museum'

Possibly my favourite photo from the trip. This is me holding a parrot with two angels
After a day of roaming the city we headed back to our hostel to get ready for our first night out. We were supposed to have a club crawl but the company messed this all up (which made me very angry) so most people just went off and did their own thing. However, to start the night we were all together in the basement bar of our hostel - this was so nice because everyone was having a good time and it was great to speak to people in my society I hadn't had the chance to speak to much before.
Some of the people in the society

You can tell we are having fun...

Smiles all round
We ended the night by getting KFC (obviously being really experimental with food) and then headed back to the hostel, ready to start the next day!

Speak soon and see you for part 2! xx

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