Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Day in the life...

Hello my lovelies!

I thought it would be nice to share a 'day in the life' post since I had quite an unpredictable but great day yesterday. It didn't start off too well though because I got a flat tyre as soon as I pulled into the car park of the shopping centre where Lucy and I were going for a girly day. Luckily a nice man came out and changed my tyre, at the cost of £70 though! I had spent more money than I intended to before even entering the shops.
This did shake me up a bit because I didn't want to damage my car in any way, but I wasn't going to let this get in the way of a day with my best friend! We have had a lot of deadlines recently so it was the first chance we had to go out and have a day without any work. The first stop of course had to be for food, so we headed to Frankie and Bennie's.
Doesn't it look delicious! Making me hungry again just looking at it. We then headed towards the cinema (the whole reason for the trip) because we really wanted to see That Awkward Moment. When we got there the film wasn't showing during the day which we were super sad about. Today wasn't going too well so far!

After this we needed some serious retail therapy - so we went and had a look around the shops. We only ended up looking in New Look because we found some great clothes there straight away (I will feature them in OOTD posts soon). My friend even bought some clothes, this is basically unheard of for her so I must have been a bit of a bad influence...oh well!
After this we left the town centre and chilled for a bit and had a catch up. Soon after I returned back to her house because her housemates were throwing a cocktail party! This was such a nice chance to see everyone and have a catch up while enjoying the merriment. I don't endorse alcohol of course for you under age readers ;) here are a few of my favourite snaps from the night...

That was the end of my day. I had a few unexpected things thrown at me but overall it was a really fun day! I hope you have enjoyed this type of post - if you have then please let me know and I will do more :)

Speak soon! xx

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