Sunday, 5 January 2014

Valentine's Box Swap UK...

Hello my lovelies!

I stumbled across this concept when I was reading through some blog posts and thought it was a great idea. If you are lonely like me on Valentine's Day (woe is me) then it is a great opportunity to have a little pick me up and be treated! This is being run by FatBeautyx and Mascara and Cakes and obviously the more people we have participating the better :)

How does it work?
Basically there is a £20 spending limit (which I think is really reasonable). You will get an email from the girls once you follow the steps found on their page, here, in which you tell them your name, address and your top 5 high street beauty brands. Once the 31st January arrives you will get another email telling you who you will be buying your Valentines Day gifts for and their 5 favourite things, so you know they will love their presents and be very happy! The girls have asked that you spend the full £20 otherwise it isn't fair for those that spend the full amount to only receive gifts worth half the amount, which I think is completely fair! It is only for UK participants though so sorry if you are one of my international followers :(

I would love it if some of my followers could do this, you may even be my valentine!
Leave me a comment below if you have signed up - I would love to see how many we could get :)

Speak soon! xx

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