Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Great & The Gorgeous; Ted Baker...

Hello my lovelies!

I received this beautiful gift set for my birthday and have finally got around to using the majority of the products. Lucky for you beauties, it is now on sale in boots reduced from £40 down to £20, it can be found here. Now it is time for a review! First of all, I love this set because they are all neutral shades for the face products and bright colours for the lips. I am a big fan of wearing brown eyeshadows and brightening up my make up through my lipstick. So let's start with the lipstick...

These lipstick crayons come in the colours pink and a plummy red. I absolutely adore these. They are easy to apply, they twist at the end when they start to get low. They have a glossy finish which leave your lips feeling nourished and the colour comes out really easily too. The plum colour is definitely more of a winter colour or for when you are going out. The pink is much more subdued when it is on so it is good if you want a more natural look.
This set also comes with applicator brushes. I love these purely for their design - they are easy to find in your make up bag if you need them quickly because of the bright pink! The brushes are soft and easy to use.
This bronzer comes in a beautiful compact case which is light but sturdy. This bronzer isn't too heavy and you don't need much of it to give you a nice glow. The two colours compliment each other well and it gives you a nice shimmer when applied too.
This is the eye glitter from the pack. It is a pink colour and is perfect if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. The applicator has a small sponge on the end that makes it easy to dab onto your eyes or on top of eyeshadow.
Now, this is my favourite from this set - the liquid eyeliner pen. This is a thinner liquid eyeliner compared to most, but that is what I love. I can have a small amount for the day and a larger amount if I was to go out. It is smooth to apply and lasts for around 15 hours.

This is the shimmer eye cream - now I am quite pale so I had to use a fair amount before this would actually show. It would be better for the more tanned person. Once it does show up though it is lovely, it doesn't feel heavy on my eyes and just adds an extra something to my outfit.
These illuminators are in the shades Pearly Pink and Golden Glow. I don't often use illuminators but I have found myself using the Pearly Pink one everyday - it is light on the skin and is easy to blend in. For a more prominent look then I use both. These are very good and leave a nice shimmer too.

These two nail varnishes are perfect for a night out. The pink provides a nice subtle base coat and then the gold sparkles bring it to life. These nail varnishes last a long time too without chipping.

The final part of this gift set are the fake eyelashes ans glue. These lashes aren't too long and would provide a more subtle look.

I hope you love this set if you choose to buy it, and what a bargain it is at only £20. Let me know what you think both if you have this, or if you want it :)

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