Sunday, 12 January 2014

The art of reading...

 Hello my lovelies!

First of all I am going to start by saying sorry I didn't write a post yesterday - I was moving back into my uni house, seeing friends and going out so I didn't have time :( now that I am back at uni I think I will only be posting around 2-3 times a week instead of every day, but I hope you will still have a read! :)

Now this post is about books, and I am a little sad about it. The other day when I was seeing my Auntie, we went and had a look around Waterstones. I had forgotten how much I love bookshops and having a look around to see who the new authors are. I love a book with a beautiful front cover, whether it be leather bound or just illustrated extremely well, it will always catch my eye! The thing that made me sad though is the fact that most bookshops these days have a kindle display or something for iPads to show electronic versions of books, now I know it is moving with the times etc. but it genuinely makes me upset that the younger generation of today will not experience reading in the same way we did. I honestly think there is nothing better then sitting down with a physical book in your hand, and feeling yourself turning the pages. Even the smell of books are great! A lot of my friends have said that they feel the same about this, and I was just wondering what you all think. Technology or an actual book? To me there is something too robotic about reading things electronically, I feel as if I cannot connect as well as I could if I had an actual book. Don't get me wrong, I have a kindle and it is great for reading my textbooks on it and things like that but I do not use it for personal reading! I also understand that electronic books and in particular audio books are useful for people that find it hard to read, but I think if you can read without a problem you should definitely choose a book over and electronic reader.

If you agree with me then please support your local bookshops by popping in and maybe even buying a copy of a book you have wanted to read for ages. I don't want the old-fashioned way of reading to die out! Sorry for being passionate about it and going on a bit of a rant! 
I would love to hear your thoughts :)

Speak soon! xx

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